Covid-19 – “The Rules”

Since many of you frequent restaurants and other craft producers, you probably have already seen some form of “the rules”. The County and Alcoholic Beverage Control have released a web of regulations around our option to allow on-site wine consumption. Please understand these regulations vary if you are a bar, restaurant, brewery, or winery, are not always completely clear, and different companies will interpret and implement them somewhat differently.

So, here are “the rules”… 🙂

* On-site consumption is available at our outdoor seating.

* Food purchase is not required.

* Due to their environmental impact, we do not use outdoor heaters – please dress accordingly (not a Covid rule, just something to know).

* We are not readily able to move seating around or otherwise re-arrange the layout of our seating.

* There is no bar service. Guests must be seated at tables (no standing).

* At this point in time, we aren’t taking reservations. If a table is not available and you wish to wait for one, please do so outside at least six feet from any of our seated guests.

* The entire party must be present before you are seated.

* Please allow at least 15 minutes after a party leaves to be seated at their table. This is to give us enough time to clean and disinfect the area.

* Masks must be worn except when you are seated at your table. You must wear them at all other times.

* Dogs are still welcome! However, please understand that leashes and other surfaces can carry Covid-19, so please don’t allow your dog to roam or invite people outside of your party to pet.

* Lastly, as usual, please practice social distancing (6 ft), wash hands or use sanitizer upon entry into the tasting room, and stay home if you are ill or have symptoms consistent with COVID-19.