About Charlie & Echo

The Winery

We’re an urban San Diego winery crafting unique sparkling and original wines from local vineyards.

So, what does that mean?

  • Urban

    We’re a fully functioning winery – just located in the city instead of the country.

  • Craft

    We’re small, independent, innovative, and care about everything we make.

  • Unique

    Each of our wines reflect the individuality of their origin – and are unlike any other.

  • Sparkling

    In addition to still wines, we make a lot of bubbles that are delicious and untraditional.

  • Original

    Both creative and true to the source. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

  • Local

    We source from vineyards in San Diego County – the oldest and newest wine region in California.

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The People


Charlie has traveled the world.
Bargained in exotic bazaars.
Been inked by an octopus.
Stared down machine gun yielding militias.
Eaten boa constrictor.
She's the most interesting woman in the world.

Clara Van Drunen

Funny part is, that's all true.


Echo is a physics grad school drop out.
He used to study charmonium.
He used to be smart.
Now he makes wine.

Eric Van Drunen

Again, that's all true. Just not nearly as interesting.